All Together Now

In this overall exercise I have found it extremely helpful to really look at things from a different perspective. I feel like the there is a big part of the world that is covered up and is hidden from the public and it’s things like blogs, movies, and studies that let others know about it. I also feel happy to know about everything that was addressed in this quarter because it;s like I have been let in on a secret that many don’t know, or are afraid to talk about.  There is a better way to get to people rather than scaring them and making them chose a side, and our kids playing video games, watching curtain movies, and yes getting a laugh out of certain topics.

We need to stop fueling the fire and have better regulations on things wether that is parents, people, or the government there  are things that are not happening and need to in order to stop some of the violence, war, and media issues. I feel that the reviews that have been posted have been very helpful, I found it harder at the end because I couldn’t find things that I could really break down and talk about without sounding redundant. However, I did find it to be helpful and I feel like I have gained a lot more knowledge because of it.

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The Daily Show

The Daily Show with John Stewart is one of the hight ranked and watched shows in America. The best way I can describe the show is that it takes real things from the media that they have spun and he brings it back around to what is really going on. For example in one episode there is a march in washington about something happening in the constitution and the media had used footage from a different day and gathering to make it look like they covered it and to save money. The media is known for what called filler pieces/agendas when there is nothing really that great going on that day and say that it is the top story. Like things about how a dog got saved from a tree or a kid over coming an obstacle. These are great, but they are not need to know…we need to hear about what’s really going on and unfortunately that wont happen. So this comedy news show has been brought up to make people laugh and be aware of these issues.

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Men Who Stare at Goats

Men Who Stare at Goats is a movie that came out in 2009 and is about a Iraq journalist who has just got out of a marriage and turns to the war for that something that he feels is missing in his life. He meets up with another guy who has been doing secret work for a new army unit called New Earth Army. They end up going though obstacles and crazy events but it comes down to it you learn that they try to mind trick the enemies. While watching this movie I could help but think if there are some of these things going on. In the opening they said it was based off of some real events. The trick for me was to figure out what ones. Not that I will ever know for sure but it is movies like this that give the audience something to think about. In one of the scenes they end up running test of LSD and seeing what it does, a guy had killed himself because he went so crazy. There has been studies saying that this actually happened and that the government studied it a while back this movie is up rooting the negative things that have been done in the past. These kind of movies I think are worth looking at because they stir things up and bring things up that other wise might not be brought up.

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I wanted to take a minute to talk about the show Crossfire. It is a show that airs for about an hour that get politicians and those who are interested in politics and the media to has a debate on TV and let the views see what the real issues are. However, i would like to point out that this could be a whole set up for those who are politicians. It is a great way to get things out there and let other do their dirty work. Not to mention the idea of entertainment value!  There are four people up on stage arguing and yelling about things that half the country doesn’t even understand. But the views get consumed with the idea that one side has to win and one side makes a valid point and thats the side that they will go with. There is no listening to one side of the other, it’s just a bunch of bickering  to put on a show and call it a debate. I can also see why it is hard to have the other side get a word in because the men that run the show are also the debaters for the conservative side. I would also like to mention that the logo for Crossfire is red and has the o as a shooting target as if someone where staring down the barrel of a gun. How can any of this lead to something that is calm and non violet for viewers to watch.

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Three Kings

The movie Three Kings takes place around and after the Persian Gulf war. There are four men who are looking forward to getting home but they find out that there is money that Saddam Hussein has hidden in bunkers across Iran. Along the way they see things that they never thought would be true and in the end want to help the people of Iran. A quote that is said during the movie is “Bush told the people to rise up against Saddam, and now they are getting slaughtered.” This is something that can be tied into how the media is overlooking this particular idea. After the people did fight against him they end up getting bombed and killed over not doing anything, and the media says it just casualties mean dead bodies, meaning they don’t really want us to know the truth about what’s going on. The government want to make it seem like America is only going after those who are against america or for terrorism but what really happens is not what’s shown. There is a lot of violence that is shown in this film and in the end has the winner and loser concept and I would say that it is nice to know that this movie does defy and shows what some think is going on, but between the big named actors, the weapons, and the scandal who is really looking at what message is really being played across the screen.

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Linking Masculinity and Disney

A good way to explain the relationship between “Exhibiting Masculinity” and Mickey Mouse monopoly is that the idea of masculinity has the potential to come from Disney films. With that the popular culture and social, political, and economic worlds form. There were several examples in Mickey Mouse Monopoly that puts what the typical male should be on a pedestal. Take Beauty and the Beast, although Beast is not a man he inherits different mannerisms that a male in society should or would have. He is loud ad powerful, and with that becomes the ideology of toughness, and in the end gets the girl. This is a classic idea of what people do in our everyday society, they have these social customs that are instilled in them in order to be successful in the world. Success can be measured by most as power and money, which leads out economic and political world, the agendas are being made by the money and power and those people unfortunately are making our kid movies who have been subjected to the media world or have simply grown up in the time of early thirties to seventies.
Another example that can tie these two things together can be Cinderella. The story of a girl that gets locked away to cook and clean but her evil sisters, while the prince tries hard to find her after loosing a glass slipper. He is a prince that comes from a royal family that must find a suitable bride for their son and at the end of the night he will pick one for marriage. Well not to set up that idea for kids but men rarely invite thousands of women over to find a wife, and women don’t really or shouldn’t want to be picked like that. It makes the male look in power, having his choice of any women should be what little boys grow up and turn into a cultural thing.
Masculinity can be defined many ways, whether it is by how many women you have or money you can get all of these ideas encompass what a person would think is a tough man, the man of the house, who wears the pants? All of these ideas have unfortunately evolved and it does show through social, political, and economic norms.

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What is Infotainment?

Infotainment to me has meant the same through out the quarter so far and hasn’t changed much since. I can now put ideas to a more scholarly term and recognize more than I could before. Some of the time I realized that I has been subjected to some agendas set by the media, and was numb to what was really being show especially talking about the media, terrorism, and war (Millitainment). When I see and hear the word still I first think information served in an entertaining way, but I know that not all of the information is necessarily good and could be saying something else. The media and different forms of infotainment have become overwhelming and it is getting harder to see what is real and what is being misconstrued through our televisions. I also didn’t see the topic of masculinity as much as I do now. I was always focused on the women’s view and forgetting that maybe there is a reason behind men being “tough” or sometimes even rude. They are trying to put up a mask and after doing that for so long they have to get tired of feeling like life is a lie. Overall, I feel like so much more intoned with what I am watching, and I feel myself being a more critical person in everyday life not just my academic life.

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Looking Back

As my blog continues I am finding that there as more that I need to be looking for. This so far is a really good way to learn a lot about the war and how things have been done over the past years and where people could have made better choices. The intro to my blog I think is not as strong as the other parts of my blog because as I have worked on other sections I feel my ideas getting stronger and stronger and I might have to work on it a bit to catch it up to everything else. The topic of what side i think needs some work and it was one of the first reflections I wrote and I still don’t know where I am going with it but I know the main topic and that is picking a side…you are with us or against us. However, it is not the most engaging unless you watch the video. The next article that I talk about is very incitful and I think that I made it work with my topic. I feel that there are many good points that can be seen though what I have written and what has been said in the article and I am pretty proud of myself for finding this piece of media because I think it has a good perspective.

My writings about video game violence I was trying to figure out if I wanted it to be two or one. I decided to because I break down two separate ideas in each one. I feel that these to entries are my most strong and engaging to follow. The music I think gives it a little more and I feel really good about the topic. Lastly, the women’s writing I thin is important because I have strong feeling toward women empowerment and no matter what country it is they have a right to say what they want and I think it is important to point out that the media gives a spin of suppressing that.  Overall, I am really enjoying the topic that I have chosen and I just hope that my writing and sources get stronger with each entry that I make.

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What Side?

There is a concept in America that is called “root for the home team”  where setting up this idea that there is a winner and a loser and therefore creating this concept of good and bad. During 9/11 George W. Bush made it very clear that you were either with us or against us. Breaking it down simple, it’s you are with America or your not, or you are unpatriotic. Having no middle ground for those asking questions and being skeptical. I think the media also took towards that and decided… well we don’t want people against us so we might as well do what we can can corporate (this having to do with ratings and money of course). This can best be seen in the video Pentagon Blackout (part 1) a mass media cover up.

I would like to say that this movie is strongly one sided, but there are lessons to be acknowledge from it. The topic of tying things in speeches and the media agenda like Saddam Hussein and  Al Qaeda the same breath and having it become subliminal like they said is something that people and look at and say did that really happen because unfortunately there was probably no knowledge of what was happening. The instilled fear that is shown in this video is clear, even when the government gave another side of a story, like having weapons of mass destruction vs. not having them newspapers and reporters still didn’t say that there could be a possibility that they don’t exist because of the strong: good vs. evil, what side are you on concept, and no one ever wants to admit/be wrong notion. These three things fuel the fear for Americans in 9/11 and made it where people were afraid to speak up. I would say this mostly has to do with where the power lies.


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Women and War Violence

(U.S.-Occupied Iraq: Women suffer untold violence Article)

While looking through different sources of media an article popped up that I found very interesting. Although my whole blog is not about gender and women this particular topic about how the media has shaped the idea of the Iraq women through war and violence does match up. In the article by: Isiria a point that is made is that while the the news is covering men everywhere in the “war games” and fights with each other there is simple no room for the women of Iraq to be heard. I think this has to do largely with the suppression of how the culture of Iraq and the idea that those who are Muslim women cover up and do what they are told. However, this is a very large stereotype and some people in the U.S. have proved their ignorance to the topic of Iraq and have been consumed in the idea of Iraq. I think some of the war games are not only fought with fists, guns, and high tech equipment, but with the head games and ideologies that are sublimilably messaged into the population.

It for me is easy to see why the article talks about how women have been lost. Thy dont have running water to stay alive, food, shelter, and an education to help them when they do get out. So why is the media not showing this? She says “Our male dominated societies impose violence on women not just through physical brutality but also in a very silent way that makes womens’ submission almost appear to be natural.” This is a very good thought because its almost as if women do it to themselves s no one can feel bad for them, but the reality of it is when people are invading any country with bombs and missiles im sure that some women would want a say in it.

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